Spinning Is A Big Part Of My Exercise Routine

I joined the gym only last month, when I was introduced to the stationary bike and since then it has become a very integral part of my routine. I usually like to go to the gym the morning with a couple of my friends, when the temperature is usually a bit on the chilly side.

Once I reach the gym, my regimen starts with some basic yoga and in order to increase the metabolism after that, spinning. Once I begin the exercise, I like to start slow and go long so that I make the best of this process. So I usually begin with the easy mode at about 15kmph on the odometer. After about 10 min, I increase the pace a little to about 20kmph and once I have built that steady pace, I slowly increase the difficulty. I usually start this process and move to level 3 but bear in mind that I maintain the pace and feel my feet tighten up slowly because of muscle fatigue and my heart race.

This goes on for another 10 min or so. After that I usually take a break and stretch myself and have some water and restart at level 3 maintaining the pace and after 4 min move to level 5 on the difficulty scale. The idea is to try and sustain at this level for as long as possible. Initially I found that I could go on for only about 3 min but now I can sustain about 10-12 min. Therefore spinning helps me also monitor the change in my stamina.

The whole spinning regimen for me takes about 30 min or so. I really love to start with this because I slowly increase the pace and find that by the end of it I am really warmed up and ready for the next gym routine which for me usually biceps or abs. Spinning is not only important as a cardio and stamina building exercise, but also works on the calf muscles. I sometimes also stand and spin which is also known to work on the hamstrings.

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