Spin Class Was Too Hard For Me

I took a spinning class just once and man was it rough; in short I hated it. I would rather climb down the seven levels of hell than taking another. The instructor was a very enthusiastic person and tried her best to keep everyone involved and have them make it to the end of the class.

Even though she tried her best my body would hear none of it I got nauseated after 10 minutes and felt like throwing up, my chest felt tight and in pain, I honestly thought I was having a heart attack. But my pride wouldn’t let just quit in the middle of the thing so I kept pushing it until the end of the class.

By the time we were finished I could barely lift my legs enough to make the pedals move and I had no more water in my bottle and just thinking about getting up to fill it up instilled fear in me. I tried to get out of the bike once and almost fell on my face. But that’s enough for the negative parts of my experience of a spinning class, on the positive side I for one learned that I had to pace myself and never try to match the instructor’s resistance on the first try, at that point I thought of myself as a fit person.

Second I learned that spinning really makes you work your whole body since I was sore for days (but not this bad) on end and had muscle pain in areas that I never thought could be involved in riding a bike, so it’s a perfect exercise if you don’t have enough time to spend it at the GYM and work on different machines.

Once my body was rested and I felt like working out I found out that I had a larger range of motion on some weight lifting exercise and I could only attribute it to that one spinning class I took where I completely destroyed my body.

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