Sharing A Common Love For Spinning

I recall the first time I walked into a spinning class, I saw people from all walks of life well equipped in their gym-wear preparing to embark on the strenuous adventure that indoor cycling provides cyclists, or “spinners”.

studioSome of the people, like me, were newcomers and you could see the nervousness written across their face. We locked eyes and exchanged a “we’re in this together” look, as I clipped my spinning shoes into one of the bikes. The instructor entered the room merrily. She was both intimidating and inviting, and quickly began the lesson, after a very short introduction.

My anxiousness had not yet subsided but as the class progressed I felt more comfortable in my skin. I suddenly lost consciousness of how my body looked while on the bike, and how inexperienced I may have seemed next to the more experienced spinners.

Mid-way through the lesson, I felt invigorated. At that moment, I realized that I love spinning. The way it made me feel and the confidence it gave me ignited a feeling in me that translated to “I can’t live without spinning”. At the time, I was a bit skeptical of this feeling and attributed it to the cozy and inviting environment of my first spinning class. I was wrong. Having moved around a lot, one common factor in my life is spinning and every gym I have had a spinning class in has given me this feeling. This invigorating, motivational feeling.

After spinning entered my life, I became more focused in my day-to-day life and healthier, physically and mentally. I now tell my friends and family about the joys of spinning whenever they ask me for ways they can improve their lives. I love spinning because it unites people, whether they began spinning to lose weight, to become more disciplined, or for general health reasons. At the end of the day, they all share a common love for spinning.

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