I Found A Home In Spin Class

I love spinning! After trying various other fitness and/or weightloss programs I finally found the one for me. What is it that I love? The fact that I enjoy myself to such an extent that I almost forget what it was that led me to try it in the first place: an attempt to finally get in shape! [Read more…]


Getting Excited About Cycling Outdoors

I’ve taken a free spinning class at my apartment complex in Austin Texas. It was called Pro Bikes where we would be pushed for short amounts of time to go really hard and then a little easier for a long period of time.

I would think of it as cycling in a mountain like terrain. The trainer was nice, she was energetic and encouraging. Sometimes it would get annoying since you’re just so tired and you have a person yelling at you. Also, the trainer doesn’t really tell you anything you don’t know. She doesn’t teach you techniques of cycling that makes it better. Its just about pushing yourself.


I think that I could do cycling class without a leader. I don’t enjoy it very much because cycling without looking at anything isn’t very fun. Also, I feel like I can get a better exercise doing something else in the same amount of time. [Read more…]


Spinning Is A Big Part Of My Exercise Routine

I joined the gym only last month, when I was introduced to the stationary bike and since then it has become a very integral part of my routine. I usually like to go to the gym the morning with a couple of my friends, when the temperature is usually a bit on the chilly side.

Once I reach the gym, my regimen starts with some basic yoga and in order to increase the metabolism after that, spinning. Once I begin the exercise, I like to start slow and go long so that I make the best of this process. So I usually begin with the easy mode at about 15kmph on the odometer. After about 10 min, I increase the pace a little to about 20kmph and once I have built that steady pace, I slowly increase the difficulty. I usually start this process and move to level 3 but bear in mind that I maintain the pace and feel my feet tighten up slowly because of muscle fatigue and my heart race. [Read more…]