I Found A Home In Spin Class

I love spinning! After trying various other fitness and/or weightloss programs I finally found the one for me. What is it that I love? The fact that I enjoy myself to such an extent that I almost forget what it was that led me to try it in the first place: an attempt to finally get in shape!

The atmosphere in the class is always welcoming, the teacher always encouraging, outfits are super cute, my shoe game is on point, and the mix of abilities and experience of those sharing the class just adds to the general friendly vibe.

The music is a big help too, and while it may not be the type I would ordinarily listen to at home it really does the trick when a shot of energy is needed to push me on towards my goal. I’ll admit to being a bit nervous the first time I tried it, imagining a room full of lycra-clad superfit fitness addicts but I needn’t have worried – the encouragement I received was genuine and while we won’t all achieve that ‘bikini body’ the advertisements are keen to suggest we ought to possess we can all feel a sense of satisfaction as we each reach for our targets.

I was certainly fortunate to find Vicky, our certified teacher, although speaking to friends who have also tried spinning elsewhere it would seem that ALL the teachers have a similar inexhaustible source of energy! They don’t just bark out orders, they are there with you, on the bike, motivating each and every one of us.

Whenever one of us is flagging, there she is with a an inspirational nudge. Although the members of the class each have their own personal goals there is none of the overt competitiveness that I have encountered in other classes.

Each of us has a word of encouragement for the others whenever it is necessary and the social aspect of spinning has been, for me, one of the unexpected bonuses; friendships have been made and a whole new circle of good spirited people from a wide range of backgrounds have welcomed me into their midst. As I say, sometimes I forget that I was just trying to get in shape! Now I’m having so much fun and feel better for it. Give it a try – you won’t regret it!

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