Getting Excited About Cycling Outdoors

I’ve taken a free spinning class at my apartment complex in Austin Texas. It was called Pro Bikes where we would be pushed for short amounts of time to go really hard and then a little easier for a long period of time.

I would think of it as cycling in a mountain like terrain. The trainer was nice, she was energetic and encouraging. Sometimes it would get annoying since you’re just so tired and you have a person yelling at you. Also, the trainer doesn’t really tell you anything you don’t know. She doesn’t teach you techniques of cycling that makes it better. Its just about pushing yourself.


I think that I could do cycling class without a leader. I don’t enjoy it very much because cycling without looking at anything isn’t very fun. Also, I feel like I can get a better exercise doing something else in the same amount of time.

So, as a result, I enjoy spinning if I am feeling lazy and do not desire to work out other parts of my body. It’s a good cardio exercise, but that’s just all it is. I think it’s a good place to meet people as well. So overall I enjoy spinning class as a leisure exercise and to meet people.

But as someone who enjoys working out other parts of the body too, I don’t try to engage in this too much. Additionally, I think it’d be nicer to do actual bicycling outdoors and really enjoy the actual feel of being on a bike. You can get the exercise and the nice fresh air. My spinning class was a rather small room with 10 bikes and it got hot very fast with so many people inside. Given that the class was free, I’d continually to do it. If I had to pay more than $5 a time, I probably would not go.

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