9 Benefits Of Spinning Shoes

Updated: 8/29/2016

If you’re even half serious about your spin class than getting a proper pair of indoor spinning shoes is an absolute must. They’re going to not only help you burn more calories but they’ll help you hit more muscles on your legs while actually making your workout easier.

Here’s how they’ll do that.

You’ll Lose More Weight (And Get In Better Shape Too)

By the time you get to the end of this article on the benefits of purchasing the right footwear, you’re going to understand exactly how your workouts will improve and you’ll be able to burn more calories in less time while improving your cardiovascular system.

They Prevent Blisters

One of the problem with sneakers is that your feet move around in them during a workout. You won’t notice this when walking around a grocery store but during a tough workout sliding around in your sneakers can cause “hot spots”. It’s an area where constant friction is happening and that’s what causes blisters.

Cycling shoes fit more snugly to prevent your feet from sliding around.

Better Stability On The Bike

Cross trainers and running shoes are generally made from lightweight and soft material. This might feel great for a walk around the park but they allow your feet to flex too much.

Now that might not sound too bad bad a foot that is allowed to flex messes without your bodies alignment on the bike as well as prevents cramping. At first the stiff soles and toes boxes will seem weird but you’ll get used to it pretty quickly.

They’re Lightweight

The first time you hold a pair of spinning shoes in your hand you’ll be surprised by how lightweight they are. They look like they might be heavy but the plastics that they’re made with are chosen for their combination of low density and strength. They’re light enough that when you’re clipped into the pedals you’re going to forget that you’re wearing shoes at all.


You don’t want sweaty feet and and the right footwear will help keep the air flowing through there to help keep your toes, mid-foot, and heel cool and dry.

You’re Going To Be Able To Pedal Faster

During sprints sneakers can be a nightmare. You’ll be slipping all around the cake a praying that you don’t come right out of it. They prevent you from going all out because you’re constantly worried about them.

That’s a thing of the past once you have shoes that clip into the pedals.  You’ll be able to forget all about your feet and pedal like gangbusters.

You’ll Activate More Muscles

Using sneakers and a cage prevents you from activating your hamstrings well as well as a slough of smaller muscles. A complete revolution of the feet should include a push forward of the pedal as well as a pull back up and around to the top so you can push again. I think you can see how having your feet in a basket don’t allow you to pull back around and activate you hamstrings.

Editors Note: Saddle height can drastically change which muscles get worked as well.

Stronger Legs

Everyone here at Pro Bikes wants stronger legs and we know you do too.

Obviously now that  you know how important having SPD cleats (the part of the shoes that actually attaches to the bike) is to activating more muscles I should tell you that it will allow you to pedal harder too. So not only will your legs get stronger but your lungs and heart will too.

You’ve Only Got To Buy One Pair Ever

They don’t wear out like sneakers. You can be wearing the same pair of shoes for indoor cycling for the next twenty years. You’re just going to bounce your gym shoes around in the cage and wear them out faster.

For even more ideas to making your workout even better, this article from Fitness Magazine has lot’s of tips above and belong footwear that will make your biking better.

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