9 Benefits Of Spinning Shoes

Updated: 8/29/2016

If you’re even half serious about your spin class than getting a proper pair of indoor spinning shoes is an absolute must. They’re going to not only help you burn more calories but they’ll help you hit more muscles on your legs while actually making your workout easier.

Here’s how they’ll do that. [Read more…]


Spin Class Was Too Hard For Me

I took a spinning class just once and man was it rough; in short I hated it. I would rather climb down the seven levels of hell than taking another. The instructor was a very enthusiastic person and tried her best to keep everyone involved and have them make it to the end of the class.

Even though she tried her best my body would hear none of it I got nauseated after 10 minutes and felt like throwing up, my chest felt tight and in pain, I honestly thought I was having a heart attack. But my pride wouldn’t let just quit in the middle of the thing so I kept pushing it until the end of the class. [Read more…]


Sharing A Common Love For Spinning

I recall the first time I walked into a spinning class, I saw people from all walks of life well equipped in their gym-wear preparing to embark on the strenuous adventure that indoor cycling provides cyclists, or “spinners”.

studioSome of the people, like me, were newcomers and you could see the nervousness written across their face. We locked eyes and exchanged a “we’re in this together” look, as I clipped my spinning shoes into one of the bikes. The instructor entered the room merrily. She was both intimidating and inviting, and quickly began the lesson, after a very short introduction. [Read more…]